Werklund Ventures


Active Equities

  • WVL seeks to add value to its investments in areas of its expertise or through an active strategic involvement in the functions of a company
  • In addition to all aspects of the energy, water and waste businesses, WVL can add value through finance, operations, M&A or strategy as part of our core functions or external network
  • A high engagement level from our staff requires us to be selective in our investees
  • Given the long term nature of our capital and operator experience, we can assume risks atypical of most private equity funds

Disruptive Technologies

  • Industry changing technology that is revolutionary and not just evolutionary
  • Competitive technology should be difficult to replicate with a proven pilot of customer sponsorship in place
  • Funding is typically for commercialization in an “A” round
  • Not specific sector but requires hyper growth and customer acceptance

Merchant Banking

  • Special situations that can generate income or immediate payback for capital at risk
  • Risk is highly structured
  • Credit/risk arbitrage or bridge financing
  • Short term exposures
  • Unique risks outside of typical lending parameters
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